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GraniteStone Ultra-Durable Coating

Strong, Durable, 

Non-Stick Cookware

Granitestone Pans are oven safe up to 500 degrees, which means you can sear your favorite steak and finish it in the oven - just like the pros!

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Cook Virtually Anything: Sear, Pan-Fry, Bake, Sauté Like the Pros!

A Complete Kitchen in a Box


Our complete non-stick granite-coated 20-piece set has everything you’ll need for cooking healthy meals in your kitchen. The triple-layered rock covering is thicker than most pans, extremely durable, and resists scratches like no other non-stick pan in the market. Pressed from a single piece of aluminum provides even heat distribution throughout each of our pans. Stay cool handles make stovetop cooking a breeze. 

This Special Offer Includes:

  • 8.5" Fry Pan
  • 10.25" Fry Pan w/Lid

  • 9.5" Square Pan

  • 1.5 QT Pot w/Lid

  • 2.5 QT Pot w/Lid

  • 5 QT Pot w/Lid

  • 9.5" Deep Pan w/Lid

  • Steamer Insert
  • Fry Basket

  • 13.7"x10" Muffin Tray

  • Square Bake Pan

  • Cookie Tray

  • 9.5" Round Pan

  • Loaf Pan

Amazing GraniteStone Features

Ultra-Durable Granitestone Non-Stick Finish 

So Slick Virtually Nothing Sticks!

Superior Non-Stick

Means Healthier Cooking

Virtually nothing will get stuck to the pan so you can cook even healthier meals without the butter and fat!

Ultra Durable 

Tempered Glass Lids

The Granitestone tempered glass lid clever design includes a steam vent to eliminate boil overs and mess.

100% Dishwasher Safe

Metal Utensil Safe

Go from the cabinet to the stovetop to the oven... and straight to the dishwasher! Even safe for metal utensils - no scratching.

Oven Safe to 500°

Cook like the pros! Go right from the stovetop to the oven for the juiciest meats and dishes.

Even Heat Distribution

Each piece of Granitestone cookware is pressed from a solid aluminum disk for even heat conduction and coated 3 times with our ultra-durable Granitestone non-stick finish.

10 Year Product Warranty

This purchase is covered by our 10-Year Product Warranty

Beautifully Crafted Cookware with

GraniteStone Triple Layer Coating

For a Strong, Durable, Non-Stick Cooking Surface

Cook Virtually Anything with this Complete Set!

sear, pan-fry, bake, sauté like the pros!
Now You Don't Need Cast Iron to be Oven-Safe!

Granitestone Pans are oven safe up to 500 degrees, which means you can sear your favorite steak and finish it in the oven - just like the pros!

Special Offer!

Includes $110 in Free Gifts!

$40 Value

3 Piece Fry & Steamer Set

As a special bonus we're including our self-draining fry basket, stainless steel steamer insert and steamer rack.

$70 Value

5 Piece Bakeware Set

And there's even more! We're also including our 5-Piece special bakeware set for all your favorite baking recipes! Cupcakes, brownies, cakes - more!
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